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Products > Deburring Tools > Burr-Zit System II Metric > CE-2.0mm-20TiN

Burr-Zit System II Metric

EDP No. M07201       WTC No. CE-2.0mm-20TiN
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Technical Specs

Burr-Zit Deburring Tool, System II Metric; 2.0mm Hole Size, W/ TiN Coating

Deburrs Back Side Only. For Non Ferrous metals.
Type: Burr-Zit System II Metric
Coating: No Coating
WTC No: CE-2.0mm-20TiN
EDP No: M07201
Shank Diameter:
Overall Length:
Overall Length mm: 63mm
Lobe Length:
Lobe Length mm: 4.0mm
Pilot Length:
Pilot Length mm:
Number of Lobes: 1
Hole Diameter:
Hole Diameter mm: 2.0mm
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